WILD IVY was created after two years of careful research and development, with the aim of providing essential pieces designed specifically to flatter all forms of the female body.

We want to create a place for you to shop responsibly, just as our grandmothers used to live: shopping for high quality pieces once - versatile clothing with attention to detail that will last for years.

We want to create quality over quantity and provide an alternative to fast fashion that is causing so much damage to our planet. We only want to bring to the world something that will benefit people, as well as the planet.


For us it was important to manufacture somewhere where we could oversee the whole manufacturing process, where we could make sure the workers were in safe conditions and where every single stitch is made to the highest standards.

Barcelona and its surrounding towns, our home, have a long textile history that has been greatly affected by fast fashion companies and the need to move production overseas to cut costs and find cheap labour - at the cost of people’s lives and health.

We decided to source the best European fabrics and our manufacturer in one of the most experienced textiles hubs in Europe.

These essential pieces have been artfully created for YOU  
We hope you love wearing them every single day,
Claudia & Ivette